Make online contributions to Augsburg easily and securely.

An online giving solution is now available fitting the way that many of us conduct financial transactions today.

Augsburg is now able to accept online contributions.

First, you may want to consider that you probably have online payment services through your bank that allow you to make contributions directly to Augsburg from your checking account occasionally or on a regular schedule. Most banks now offer these services and they are typically free of charge to the account holder.

  • Augsburg has partnered with VANCO Payment Solutions to securely accept contributions made with a credit card or debit card. If you would like to begin making contributions using this service, follow the link below to the VANCO Payment Solutions webpay page.
  • Start by creating a profile. You will be able to make contributions to the General Fund and Building Fund through the online tool.
  • The provider is a company called VANCO who we learned about through Thrivent Financial. They are reputable and utilize industry standard security on their site.
  • Please be aware that there are small fees associated with online giving that will be charged to the church’s account each month.
  • There is a one-time fee to sign up of $0.50 / individual. For contributions made by eCheck there is transaction charge of $0.20 / transaction. For contributions made by Debit or Credit card account, there is a charge of $0.38 per transaction plus 2.65% of that gift. (the additional transaction charge is 3.5% for if you are using AMEX.)

Help offset the cost of this service.

There is an option when signing up for Debit or Credit transactions to add the additional transaction charge to your gift so that the church will get the full gift you intend to give. Please find the link to our online giving site.

Augsburg Online Giving