Martin Luther considered music a gift from God second only to the Word of God.

At Augsburg we treasure our rich musical heritage and our worship is filled with music. The congregation sings liturgy, hymns, and psalms, while adult, youth, and children’s choirs, and handbell choirs, all share their love of making a musical offering to God and leading worship in Augsburg’s services.

Both of the Sunday services celebrate Holy Communion and use a number of liturgical settings which rotate through the church’s seasons. Augsburg’s Cantor (meaning “leader of the people’s song”) is our organist, choir director and primary musician, leading our choirs and congregation in a wide range of music.

Our congregational, choral, and instrumental music comes in many styles, including chant, German/Lutheran chorales, African-American spirituals, and music written by great composers living today. Instruments used in our sanctuary include a forty-five rank Casavant/Létourneau organ, a Mason & Hamlin grand piano, a Thomas Pixton harpsichord, and a four-octave set of Malmark handbells and a three-octave set of Malmark choirchimes.