So what should we tell you about Augsburg Lutheran Church?

If you are visiting this website as you try to decide about visiting the church, please decide to worship with us. We have two services each week and both services follow the same traditional style of liturgical worship. As Lutherans, our worship service follows the same pattern each week.

We are located on West Fifth street, one block off Broad street. There is ample parking on Fifth street and in parking lots that are behind the church on Pilot View street. The entrance to the sanctuary is on Fifth street. When it is cold outside, we try to keep the main entrance closed (for the health of the organ) so enter through the glass double doors to the left of the church. This takes you into the extended narthex and will take you right into the worship space.

If you need an elevator, there is a portico on the Pilot View side where you can drop-off passengers and ride the elevator to the third floor. Follow the main hall around to the sanctuary. There are usually wheel chairs available at each entrance if you need one.

Members serving as greeters can answer any questions. An usher will hand you a bulletin containing the order for worship, readings and announcements. Hymns are usually found in the large cranberry Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) in the pew rack. We stand for most hymns. (Lutherans stand-up and sit down a lot during worship.)

Be sure to speak to one of the pastors before or after the service. The pastors offer an “Inquirer’s class” periodically. This class provides an opportunity to learn more about Augsburg and the Lutheran expression of faith. Check out “What we believe” for the short version.

We hope we’ll see you for worship this Sunday.